Dr Mamta Thadani

Dr Mamta Thadani

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Full Name:
Dr. Mamta Thadani

Basic Dental Degree:
MDS (Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry)
Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Dr Thadani is a Consultant Pedodontist and trained for a further 3 years full time after attaining her general dental degree to work with children up to the age of 12 years. She also treats patients of any age with special needs, which she finds can often be quite challenging but always highly rewarding. She keeps being told that she is Ghana’s first pedodontist, which is always a bit unnerving because there are a lot of children out there!!!

Dr Thadani describes her chairside manner as 'professional, relaxed, kind and considerate'. She enjoys the interplay between children and parents tremendously and the added element that this brings to dentistry. She believes that being an effective communicator is the key - how we make the child feel; actively listening to them; reading their body language and working within their capabilities - is what makes an excellent pedodontist. She is very mindful of the fact that it sometimes takes time for little ones to feel comfortable in a clinical setting and they are not always able to follow the agenda and timetable planned for them, so that flexibility in approach is also key.

Expertise and Techniques: